L'élevage de chats de race Bengal "Les Anges de Dhaka" vous propose :

Les "Anges de Dhaka" is a small bengal cattery located in south-west of France between Toulouse and Agen, raising adorable and beautiful cats looking like panthers.

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  Les Anges de Dhaka, élevage de chats Bengal

"Les Anges de Dhaka" terms of sale

As owners of a small Bengal family, we realize one to two litters a year to bring all the necessary attention to our small fluff balls. We do not want to make massive breeding, our pleasure is observing how our magnificent kitties are growing with their wild look and wonderful dresses.

Our kittens are placed in their new family from the age of 3 months. They can benefit from all the necessary love and socialization to become charming companions, pleasant to live with.

Bengal kittens from "les Anges de Dhaka" leave our cattery wormed, vaccinated, microchip identified, with a veterinary follow-up and are LOOF registered.

Our cattery is tested FELV/FIV by blood tests. The breeders are also tested HCM, PKD, PK-Def and PRA to insure the healthiest possible lineages.

If future owners intend to participate to TICA cat shows, we can proceed on the TICA’s recording on their request.

Our Bengal kittens are sold for company or for breeding according to the desire of future owners. We do not wish to practice premature kittens sterilization.

If future families wish a kitten for company, they will have to make him (her) sterilized before his (hers) 7 months old. We will return the deposit the family left us as soon as we receive the veterinarian's invoice prooving the sterilization.

The sale price of kittens can change according to the quality of their dress, their morphology and their profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or by email for more information.

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'les Anges de Dhaka", French Bengal cattery.

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